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Experience the Authentic Flavours of the Caribbean at Octaves Kitchen. Join our mailing list to keep up with the latest news.

At Octaves Kitchen, we believe in the power of good food, fresh ingredients, and a vibrant atmosphere. Our restaurant welcomes you to indulge in the bold and vibrant flavours of the Caribbean. From classic dishes to modern twists, we have something for everyone.

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Buffet style serving

Dive into a spread of authentic Caribbean dishes. From chicken, seafood and meat, our buffet offers a variety of island flavours. Explore, fill your plate, and savour the tropical essence

Vegan, vegetarian & gluten free options

Catering to all palates, we proudly offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes. Discover a range of flavorful options crafted with care, ensuring everyone enjoys the island vibes without compromise.

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Octaves Kitchen Moments

Take a peek at some of the highlights from our kitchen and see why we're the talk of the town. From our signature cocktails to our mouthwatering dishes, we're sure you'll love what you see.

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