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Want to master the art of Caribbean cooking? Great. Octaves Cooking School is for you! 


Chef Sian Anderson will be teaching you classic dishes from our menu at Octaves Kitchen such as Oxtail, Curry Goat, Fried Fish and Peppered Prawns. Plus we’ll be showing you how to achieve our fluffy Saltfish and Vegetarian Fritters. 

This is the perfect gift for friends, family and partners, come down and embark on your journey to master Caribbean cuisine. 


Our first session is a free session for children (aged 4-16), to celebrate pancake day on 13th Feb 2024



Our second session is a valentines day session on 14th Feb. Sessions are £125.00 per person and you will be making Caribbean classics such as Oxtail, Peppered Prawns and Mini Mac Cheese.  



All our classes end with a group sit down to eat the meals you have made, alternatively you can take your dish home in Tupperware we will provide.  


To book a private cooking school class, email With no additional cost to our ticket price you can reserve a minimum of 6 spaces and a maximum of 12 spaces for your private cooking class. This is the perfect birthday event or pals night, get in touch!


Stay tuned for upcoming sessions. 

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